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29 years ago, the late Rev. James M. Smith (Smitty), encouraged Wesley D. Smith to change the trajectory of his life by getting sober. Wesley made the decision and has maintained his sobriety. After his release from a rehabilitation center, Wesley started a career in Behavioral Health. Early on, he considered changing careers, but his father encouraged him yet again, to yield to God’s plan for his life. 27 years later, Wesley is still giving and serving in the Behavioral Health Field. 

As a leader in the Behavioral Health Field, Wesley knows first hand the overwhelming needs of those struggling with chemical dependency and incarceration. Even though he has dedicated his career to helping men and women overcome life traumas, he wanted to make an investment that would transcend his career and could carry on even into retirement.  Wesley shared his passion with his wife (Sharon Avery Smith) and they decided to start a sober living house to help men coming from prison & rehabilitation transition back into society.  

After seeing the property on West Brooks, Wesley & Sharon knew this is where Smitty’s House would begin. In 2019, Smitty’s House opened its door and continues to help men strive to be productive citizens. The men are able to navigate life equipped with the skills, resources, and support to have a fresh start. Smitty’s House has afforded several men the opportunity to make not just a difference in their lives but in the world. Smitty's House is committed to changing the world with one man at a time.

Smitty's House has six spacious bedrooms, 4 bathrooms, a full kitchen, resource area, conference room, and living space. Rent is paid on a weekly basis and includes an individual room, utilities, internet, house phone, and washer/dryer.


 Wesley D. Smith 

Housing Director

Smitty's House

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